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OnCUE 14.1

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Contents of this issue

Obermeier: Constraints, Practices, and Needs in a University-Wide English Curriculum

Winskowski: Documenting Instructor-Effectiveness, Part 2: Toward Low-Interference Student Ratings Instruments

Sorrell: Beyond Correction: A Comparison of Editing Practices of International Students Before and After Entering University

Sawazaki: A Thematic Approach in EFL Curriculum Design

Research Digest
Long: Quantitative Methods for Investigating Attitudes: The Matched-Guise Technique

Kobayashi: Use of Metatext in English and Japanese Research Articles: A Contrastive Study

Opinion & Perspective
Peaty: The Teacher as Missionary: A Rebuttal

Conference Review
Ockert & Talandis, Jr.: A Tale of Two Delegates: JALT National Conference 2005: Sharing Our Stories

From the Chalkface
Farrow: Using Consciousness-Raising to Teach the Articles
Newman: Conferencing

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