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OnCUE Journal 3.3

Contents of this issue

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Letter from the Editor
Gunning: From the Editor, pp. 200-201

Jones & Gardner: Language learning beliefs in Asia: A closer look at the BALLI, pp. 202-219

Taferner: Study skills and strategies within the academic EFL context in Japan, pp. 220-247

Research Digest
Wicking: TBLT in Japan: Task-based language teaching and its effective implementation in the Japanese university classroom, pp. 248-258

Ockert: Substantive scale development: How to design, administer, and verify a Likert-scale questionnaire for a research project, pp. 259-271

Opinion & Perspective
Woollock: University is not a finishing school...or is it?, pp. 272-277

Book Review
Reagan: Touchstone 4, pp. 278-281

Conference Review
Marshall: Language for Specific and Academic Purposes: Opinions and practices of LSP practitioners, pp. 282-286

Naoumi: 43rd Annual International IATEFL Conference and Exhibition, pp. 287-292

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