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About the CUE Circular

In 2016, CUE SIG (JALT’s College and University Educators Special Interest Group) began publishing CUE Circular - a new quarterly newsletter/magazine-style electronic publication.

You can download the first issue of the CUE Circular here.

You can download the second issue of the CUE Circular here.

In addition to news, updates, and information for members, CUE Circular aims to publish concise, well-written articles of practical and professional interest to English language teachers in Japan’s tertiary sector.

CUE SIG is a collection of teachers with common concerns, motivations, and challenges. In the spirit of Reflective Practice, CUE Circular will be a forum for discussing what really matters to us in a practical sense. We’re more concerned with publishing short, accessible, interesting articles concerned with the day-to-day realities of teaching and learning in our sector, than with the kind of rigorous, formal, investigative research that might be more at home in a scholarly peer-reviewed journal.

Share your success stories (and failures!), teaching ideas, opinions, reflections, responses, and reports of less-formal action research projects either completed or in progress.

  • What’s happening in your teaching?
  • What’s influencing your decisions?
  • What obstacles have you overcome, and how?
  • What ideas or opinions do you have that others might be interested to read?
  • What have you read, heard, or seen recently that’s changed your approach to teaching, either in or out of the classroom?

Submit short articles of no more than 1000 words to: Submissions should be .doc , .docx , or .pages files, with as little formatting as possible.

References, if any are included, should follow APA formatting guidelines.

Issue 2: February 2017

Articles by Rebecca Arthur, Jonathan Isaacson, Mathew Porter, and Michael Parrish and Richard Miller.

Issue 1: November 2016

Articles by Sara Hendricks, Glen Hill, Sylvain Bergeron & Richard Sampson, Keiichiro Kobayashi, and Michael Parrish and Richard Miller.

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