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OnCUE Journal 9.2

Contents of this issue

Individual articles are now available for download in PDF format:

Letter from the Editor

Letter from the Editor

Letter from the Guest Editor


Paltridge: Developments in English for Specific Purposes Research

Handford: ESP in the Classroom: Applying Findings From Business-Discourse Research Professional Contexts

Poster Presentations

Barclay & Lange: Learned Lectures: Listening Material for Science and Engineering Majors

Blake: Harnessing Keyness: Corpus- based Approach to ESP Material Development

Cook: Making the Most of Content-based EFL Classes

Kirk & Casenove: Flipping the ESP Classroom

Maleki & Wright: Diary Writing for Science Majors: Students’ Perception of the Potential for Language Improvement

Marshall: Syllabus Design for Oral Proficiency of EGAP Students in the University Classroom

Matsumoto: Training First-Year Science Students for Basic Writing Skills: A Field Report

Mizuki: Using Powerpoint to Increase Reading Speed for an Academic English Course

Moreau: Starting Out Right: Guiding Students Towards ESP

Sharmin: Aspects of Designing an English for Science and Technology Course in Non-English Speaking Countries

Sharpe: Science English/Lab – a Hybrid-Type Course in Entry-Level Scientific and Technical English for STEM Majors

Skeates: Turning Teachers onto ESP: Searching for ESP in What We Already Do

Suzuki: Formal Academic Writing Instruction to Advanced English Learner Groups in Science and Engineering

Tanizawa: Integrating and Editing Information Electronically in Science and Engineering Research Papers

Terui: An Approach to Develop Genre Awareness for Japanese Science & Engineering Students

Wright & Wood: Bringing Science Research into the English Classroom: An Example Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

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