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OnCUE 15.1

[Note: This was the last issue of OnCUE. The succeeding issue of OnCUE Journal, 1(1) was released in Fall 2007 with an ISSN number and in a revised format.]

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Contents of this issue

Yang: Construction of an Inventory of Learner Autonomy

Ross: Reflections of a Creative Writing Course for Japanese University English Majors

Research Digest
Mahboob: Toward a Familiarity-Based Approach to Language Proficiency

Suzuki: Developing Students' Self-Efficacy Beliefs for their Language Learning and Academic Achievement

Opinion & Perspective
Guest: A Response to Yoko Ichige's "Validity of Center Examinations for Assessment of Communicative Ability" [(OnCUE,14(2)]

From the Chalkface
Porcaro: Public Speaking Is Much More Than Speechmarking!

Bingham: Integrating Extensive and Intensive Reading Activities in a Freshmen Reading Course

Conference Review
Ockert: Highlights of JALT CALL 2006, Looking Forward to JALT CALL 2007

CUE Sig News
Officer Reports

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