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OnCUE Journal 2.3

Contents of this issue

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Letter from the Editor
Da Silva: From the Editors, pp. 165-166

Feature Articles
Sosa & Casanave: Against control: An essay, pp. 167-187

Kojima: Integration of autonomy, reflection, and collaboration in pre- and in-service EFL teacher education, pp. 188-205

Research Digest
Murphey, Kim, Kusutani, Lawson, Sugawara, & Yamaura: Publishing ecologies, pp. 206-220

Professional Development
Aoki: Reflect on your teaching skill through observation, pp. 221-227

Opinion & Perspective
Stewart: Struggles for autonomy in Japanese higher education, pp. 228-240

Book Review
Rowan: Dynamic Presentations, pp. 241-244

Conference Reviews
Harrison: JALT CALL 2008, pp. 245-249

Da Silva: JASCE 5th Annual Conference / IASCE 30th Annual Conference, pp. 250-253

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