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About CUE

What is CUE?

CUE is a Special Interest Group (SIG) of the Japan Association for Language Teaching (JALT).Founded in 1993, the CUE SIG has approximately 400 members across Japan. Each year, CUE sponsors featured speakers at various conferences and events such as the JALT International Conference and holds or co-sponsors events such as the CUE Conference and PanSIG.

In addition, CUE publishes the refereed journal OnCUE Journal twice annually, plus at least one special issue per year.

SIG Membership

JALT members in good standing are invited to join the CUE SIG. SIG membership is 2,000 yen per year. JALT members can join the CUE SIG via this JALT page or by postal furikomi (electronic transfer) using the slip found at the back of each issue of The Language Teacher (TLT). JALT members can also join the SIG at any conference in which CUE participates, such as the JALT International Conference. Joining SIGs when joining or renewing JALT membership is recommended.

CUE SIG members receive the OnCUE Journal twice a year, in addition to at least one special issue and/or proceedings journals which result from conferences. SIG members also enjoy a discount rate when attending CUE-sponsored conferences.

Subscriptions to OnCUE

Non-JALT members may subscribe to the OnCUE Journal without becoming a member of JALT. Subscription information is available by contacting the OnCUE Journal editors.

Back Issues of OnCUE

Back issues of OnCUE are available in PDF format (Volumes 10 through 15).

Back issues of the new OnCUE Journal will be available online one year after print publication.

Conference Proceedings

Content in Language Education: Looking at the Future
(Edited by Alan S Mackenzie) - OUT OF PRINT

Proceedings of the JALT CUE conference 2000 held at Keisen University.

Developing Autonomy
(Edited by Alan S Mackenzie and Eamon McCafferty)

Proceedings of the 2001 JALT CUE Conference at Miho Kenshukan of Tokai University.

Curriculum Innovation, Testing and Evaluation
(Edited by Alan S Mackenzie and Tim Newfields) - Available online (click the name of the book for the link)

Proceedings of the JALT CUE and TEVAL mini-conferences held as part of the 2002 JALT Pan SIG Conference at the Kyoto Institute of Technology.

Learner Development - Context, Curricula, Content
(Edited by Phil McCasland and Martha Robertson)

Proceedings of the 2003 CUE/LD Kobe Mini-Conference at the Mt. Rokko YMCA. Working Together: Making a Difference in Language Education
(Edited by Matthew Apple and Etsuko Shimo)

Proceedings of the 2005 Miyazaki Mini-conference at Miyazaki Municipal University.

Please contact the CUE SIG Publications Chair for information on ordering conference proceedings books.


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