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OnCUE 12.1

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Contents of this issue

Carroll: A Short Introduction to IELTS

Squires: Classroom Implications of Authentic Listening Tasks on Standardized Proficiency Tests of Academic English

Stewart: Is Reflective Teaching Scholarship?

Opinion & Perspective
Sloss: Absolute Objectivity as Myth: A Response to Michael Guest

Guest: Pillars and Spaghetti Strands

Rundle: The Indonesian Varsities English Debate: A Showcase of Student Autonomy

From the Chalkface
Schnickel: Green Business: A Classroom Project

Research Digest
Smiley: Keeping in Together: A Review of Scholar's Aid

Adamson: Interviewing Japanese Teachers of English: Data Collection or Teacher Development?

Book Reviews
Carroll: IELTS on Track Test Practice

Hammond: Oral Presentations for Technical Communication

Conference Review
Falout & Maruyama: On Their Own: "Developing Opinions and Critical Analysis Skills" Richmond Stroupe at JALT 2003

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